Yes, Terry! I want to be rushed to the front of the line!

So I can be notified as soon as 2nd Half Beauty Club is available!

We value you and will never, ever share your information with anyone.


If you've been feeling like you're missing the memo in what will make you look and feel better than you did 20 years ago, then don't miss out on the chance to become a FOUNDING MEMBER of the 2ND Half Beauty Club.

As a Founding Member, you'll get to help build a community of women who come together to learn...

* How to age backwards (it's not just good genes!)
* The beauty hacks myself and my colleagues use to look and feel better than we did 20 years ago
* The tricks to acheiving the radiance that's irrestably attractive
* The lifestyle practices that lead to living a life of grace, ease and beauty
* Makeup and hair live tutorials and how to know what's best for you..

And SO much more!

Theme will change monthly so you have time to master the step you're on.

We'll come together online regularly and you'll have access to my vast library of resources that include audio and video, as well as my friends and colleagues as guests of our club.

The really cool part? As a Founding Member, you'll be grandfathered in at the monthly membership of only $10 a month!

This will be at least $20 a month when it officially launches!

So spread the word! Share this with the women in your life who would love to be a part of a movement of beautiful women over 50 ready to rock the world.

It's not ready yet, but you can move to the front of the line and be the first to know when Founding Members doors are open.