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In this interview series, top entrepreneurs share:

  • Strategies you can use to generate QUICK CASH in your business
  • Managing your MINDSET around MONEY so you can THRIVE
  • How to GET OUT of the HUSTLE and GRIND and do what feels good
  • What's working NOW in digital marketing
  • What you should be doing to GET MORE CLIENTS consistently & with ease
  • The importance of Facebook Messenger BOTS

Experts featured in:

Meet Your Experts:

Katya Sarmiento

Jessica Lorimer

Kathleen Ventura

Liz Hancock

Cora Spoladore

Stacey Hylen

Lisa Marie Pepe

Joanna Turner

Michelle Ellis

Barbera Aimes

Zahra Efan

Kristen Robinson

Terra Farrar

Loren Fogelman

Cornelia Ward

Naina Rama

Dr. Steve G. Jones

Sarah Marie Thompson

Meet Your Host!

Terry Sobon is the founder of The Badass Life & Business Academy. She's a list-building strategist and digital business coach who helps entrepreneurs grow their audience and their list so they can launch their program, course or product with success and ease.

Understanding that mindset is an important aspect of success, she also he uses her background in health, wellness and beauty to help entrepreneurs reduce stress, burnout and stay healthy while they build or launch their business.