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Zahra Efan

When Zahra started her business, although she had sales and marketing background and had been a #1 sales person in her company, having her own business, required altogether different set of skills and talents for her to make a profit. She knew she had a lot of gifts and really wanted to make a difference. But even after gaining a lot of visibility when her passion didn’t turn into profit, she knew that there was something missing.
She took time, and invested a lot of money and time to learn about business and money.
Fast forward to today, her business not only allows her to express her talents and gifts, but she also makes fabulous income working only 20 hours a week. She works with clients internationally who pay her 5 figures for her platinum programs. She does all of this working from home enjoying her backyard in spring and summer, and sitting by the fireplace in winter. She has systems and support in her business to take summer off to spend with her kids. The most fulfilling part of all of this is that her clients are also enjoying the similar lifestyles as they double and triple their income while cutting their

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