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Naina Rama

Naina Rama is an Intuitive Business Mentor, Author, Speaker and Trainer. She mentors spiritually minded professionals and entrepreneurs to find and monetize their life purpose. She has practiced law for nearly 20 years, where her primary role was to manage the legal risk globally across various businesses within the investment banking industry.

Struggling with burnout in 2011, she quit her job and found her true life purpose. Currently, Naina works with spiritually minded professionals who are dissatisfied and frustrated with their working life and feel they are not living up to their highest and true potential.

She helps them create a working life that they enjoy passionately all whilst making good money and a real difference in the world. She mentors professionals to find clarity of life direction and find their life’s meaning and then helps them to monetise their unique gifts and talents by creating a business that is fully aligned to their soul gifts/natural talents, passions and life purpose.

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