Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

This training is for you if you are...

A coach who:

Has been around a while, but you're struggling to get new clients
Has an email list of zero - or a small list and you know it needs to be bigger
Is brand new and unsure of where to start to get clients
Is brand new and aren't sure what you want to offer
Is brand new and all the strategies you've used haven't worked
Has a 1:1 practice or group coaching program or wants to start one

A course creator or teacher who...

Has a course ready to launch but nobody to launch it to

A network marketer who...

Wants to expand their network
Wants to sell more products
Wants to coach

Tuesday, November 14th 2017
10 am PST / Noon CST / 1 pm EST


Your clients and customers are out there waiting to hear from you. So step off the broken-down "strategy bus" that has you questioning your talents & gifts. Your itinerary changes right here, right now.  Get seen, heard and known like the rockstar you are.

In this training you'll learn how EASY it is to take your stage, find qualified leads, get your subscribers to engage once they're on your list and how easy it is to attract the clients & customers who are hungry to buy from you.



You're going to learn...

    • How to generate traffic and quickly and easily GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: You'll learn how to grow a targeted audience of hot and ready-to-buy clients and customers in as little as 90 days even if you've been at this a while
    • How to easily generate leads by getting influencers to endorse you: Learn the best and easiest way to get the leaders and influencers in your industry to endorse and promote you to THEIR audience
    • How to easily generate revenue and get your new, highly targeted audience to come to you: You'll discover how easy it is to offer your packages and programs once you've built your audience of eager-to-buy prospects and leads. They'll be hungry to buy!