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Elizabeth Mary Hancock, The Wealthy Entrepreneur Coach

Elizabeth Mary Hancock transforms struggling and fearful but passionate coaches, consultants and practitioners into the Wealthy Entrepreneurs they deserve to be. She helps them to get more clients, charge what they’re worth and feel fabulous about it! Their businesses go from average to awesome and they achieve true emotional and financial freedom with a process that lasts a lifetime!

Liz helps her clients to dissolve their money and success blocks and go from being overwhelmed and consistently inconsistent to taking committed consistent and inspired action. Her clients go from limited to limitless so they cannot just dream it, but believe it and most importantly, achieve it!

Liz is the author of Limited To Limitless and the Amazon Number 1 bestseller 'The Prosperity Factor' with Joe Vitale. Liz has spoken on stages and is regularly asked to share her expertise on numerous podcasts and international summits.

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