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Joanna Turner

Originally from Scotland, now a digital nomad. Joanna is a Flow Alchemist and leading Spiritual Success Mentor, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, (and former Chartered Accountant!) She is a mentor to female entrepreneurs, and specialises in busting money & visibility blocks and helping others awaken their infinite possibility.

She acts as a bridge between the spiritual and business worlds combining; her strong business acumen, gained from spending 17 years in Finance and in Boardrooms with the CEOs of Multi-Billion dollar companies and setting up offshore start up companies, with her years of personal development and spiritual practice, including being a certified Akashic Records and Shamanic Reiki practitioner.

She was recently nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award 2016 in the Entrepreneurship category.

Find Turner at: Mission For Balance

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