Learn How To Become The Woman Who Reprograms Her Limiting Beliefs, Taps Into Her Intuitive Guidance & Lives Her Energetic Life

Mind, Body & Badassery

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

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Remember when you thought about your future and thought there was plenty of time to make it a badass adventure?

If you're like a lot of women who've reached a certain point and go..."WHOA! Where did the time go?" and realize you didn't get where you thought you would because you were busy and forgot about you...

You're not alone and you can get your badassery back.

You can manifest everything you need to become a clear channel to create everything you wanted life to be.

Rewiring your mind and body, creating a clear channel for inspiration, and doing it consistently and mindfully is the SECRET to aligning with and manifesting everything you need to create a life that’s the badass adventure you love.

The League of Badass Women will help you go from being a DREAMER to an ADVENTURE BADASS.

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!

Inside The League of Badass Women, I will be your coach who will help you...

  • Rewire your mind to dismantle limiting beliefs and help you become a clear channel so you can bring your vision to life
  • Take divine care of your body so you feel like a badass
  • Tap into your intuition and inspiration so you're never steered in the wrong direction
  • Develop consistent habits you love that will help you manifest everything you need to create your badass life

Many women spend a lot more than $23/month throwing darts in the air to try to create a badass life - diet programs, yoga studios, organic groceries, makeup, exercise videos, etc.

But that's all something outside of them. What they don't realize is that all that comes from INSIDE and reprogramming your wiring will help you create the badass life you've been looking for.

Who Am I?

Hi. I'm Terry Sobon and I'm a Mind & Body Coach who helps women rewire their body/mind through science and a little "woo" so they can get out of their own way and create a life they're excited about.

I've made it my mission to study and understand how the body and mind work together and my journey has led me to becoming certified in body/mind healing modalities including life coaching, reiki, health coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, yoga, fitness and more.

I created The League of Badass Women because I know what it's like to be an overwhelmed, unfocused overthinker. When I hit my 40s, suddenly I realized that I hadn't accomplished all the things I wanted to do, I was stressed, gaining middle aged weight and started worrying that I was running out of time and I needed to figure it out fast.

Once I realized I could tap into my intuitive knowing and deeper wisdom I could live life courageously and have anything I decided I wanted.

Inside The League of Badass Women, every month is a new theme designed to help you along your Adventure Path to Badassery.

On the first Monday of every month, you'll receive an email letting you know your badassery is ready to explore.

In the middle of the month, you'll receive your Energy Healing.

The content varies depending on the theme, but here's what you can expect:

  • Badass women are calm, mindful and relaxed. You'll get 2-3 simple, gentle yoga poses intended to help relax and calm the body and mind and intended for energetic healing and/or chakra alignment
  • Your badassery lessons will be delivered via 2-4 audio or video lessons specific to the month's theme
  • Badass women deserve to look and feel good so you'll get 1 self-care/feel beautiful project that's good for your well-being
  • Badass women can get lost along the way! So you'll get guided meditation audios or videos, energy work and hypnosis as needed because rewiring your mind and body will get results and manifest the life you want
  • Badass women need a little healing now and then, so in the middle of the month, you'll receive a group energy alignment/healing/attunement

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!

Here's a sampling of the monthly themes inside
The League of Badass Women this year:

  • July

    Sleep, Recovery & Dreams

  • August

    Working With Energy

  • September

    Clear The Blocks & Stuck Energy

  • October

    Climbing Your Mountains

  • November

    Rewire Your Mind With Tapping

  • December

    Your Intuition

In The League of Badass Women, I teach you the 4 elements of my Mind & Body Rewired These 4 elements are designed to help you journey along your Adventure Path to Badassery...

  • 1 - Rewire your mind & body with a little science and a little woo so you can dismantle limiting beliefs and blocks so you can live courageously
  • 2 - Create a clear channel for your vision by learning to receive and create so you can take intuitive, inspired action on your dreams
  • 3 - Look forward to self-care so your body is as healthy as possible. When you look and feel good, you can pay attention to its signals
  • 4 - Be consistent - you can't get BADASS results with HALF-ASS effort

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I cancel anytime?

    Yes! If you join the monthly membership, you can cancel anytime. If you join the yearly membership, you’re in for the year, and you cancel anytime before it renews for the next year. (sorry…due to the digital nature of this membership, there are no refunds.)

  • q-iconIf I leave, do I get my rate back if I rejoin?

    As long as you stay a member in good standing, you get to keep the price you joined with. If you decide to cancel and rejoin later, you’ll join at whatever the current rate is.

  • q-iconHow often do you open the doors?

    We only open the doors a couple times a year, so now would be a good time to join us!

  • q-iconWill the price be the same next time you open the doors?

    No, the price will increase because we add more valuable content all the time!

  • q-iconHow do you do energy healing in The League?

    Currently, energy healing is done remotely and uploaded into The League MemberVault. You don’t have to be present to benefit. You only need to watch it. In the future, we’re considering offering LIVE energy healings.

  • q-iconHow do I know if this is for me?

    If you’re a woman who knows there’s more to life, maybe you used to feel like a badass, if you want to further explore your true potential and growth, then this is for you.

Who is The League of Badass Women For?

  • The Seeker

    This is for you if you know there’s something more out there and you’re ready to embody who you need to become

  • The Curious

    This is for you if you’ve been wondering what you’re missing out on. You’ve heard of this mind, body, spirit stuff, but you haven’t really done much with it.

  • The Empty Nester

    This is for you if you’re at that point in  life where the kids are all grown and now you have more time to explore your deeper purpose.

  • The Badass

    This is for you if you felt like you’ve always been a badass, but lost it somewhere along the way. It’s time for you to remember who you are.

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!

Your Next Steps...

  • 1 - Click the button that says, "Yes! Let Me In!" to sign up with MemberVault to create your account
  • 2 - You'll have immediate access to The League of Badass Women
  • 3 - Check your inbox for your email with your login and password (check your spam folder, also. If you use Gmail, check your Promotions folder)
  • 4 - Be consistent - you can't get BADASS results with HALF-ASS effort

Refund Policy:

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be issued.
If you purchase the yearly rate, you will be locked in for the year and will renew for another year unless you cancel.

Just imagine where you could be this time next year...

  • 1 - You could have the confidence that you can create anything you want in your life
  • 2 - You could feel joy, happiness, purpose, inspired, peace and vitality
  • 3 - You could be on track with your health, weight, energy and more
  • 4 - You could be the badass you wanted to be

NOW is the time to take action on creating your badass life before the doors close and the price increases!

$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!


What Some of My Students Say...

Patty Kitchen

I'm no longer being held hostage by my fear of stepping out there! I've now got a plan and am making it happen!

Patty Kitchen
Nikki Gangemi

I'm genuinely happy for the first time in my life.  I spent my first 38 years living small and now I've developed a confidence I never thought possible.  Terry helped put a little badass in me and I will be eternally grateful!

Nikki Gangemi
Stephanie Elder

Being an empath left me struggling with anxiety. Working with Terry helped me feel like I got my life back and I finally feel at peace. I use the techniques Terry gave me and I now feel powerful - like I can take any challenge thrown at me!

Stephanie Elder

Terry's program helped me remove some blocks so that I became aware of what I manifested!


I felt trapped in my life. I was restless, upset and wanted more in my life. Terry's program encourages you to not watch your life pass you by so you don't live with regrets. Since working with Terry, I've now made moves to further my education, can see real progress and am finally unstuck!


$24/month OR
$240/year (2 months FREE!)

Hurry! Doors Close Soon & This Price Will Increase!