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You'll stop chasing strategies and tactics, love. They don't work UNTIL you're aligned with who you are and what you're meant to do. Ditch the imposter syndrome and find your confidence.  Stop spinning and take action that's Divinely-inspired because you've cleared the channels to receive it.


YES! I want that!


With practical, spiritual and energetic tools that will help you find success in your life and business

The December healing was life changing for me. For many, many years I've had a hitch in my giddy up in my right hip. I would limp it was painful and walking would be difficult. If I was stressed it would make the pain worse.

After the first time I listened, it felt like something was being unlocked and allowing energy into that area. I've listened it almost daily to continue working on it.

On Friday I noticed I was able to walk without having my hip feeling locked.

Amazing! Many thanks and blessings to you.

Jennie M.

When I joined The League of Badass Women, I was definitely in deep mess mode. Thanks to this work, I feel like I have some tools to head things off at the pass before they get too deep.

Lisa J.


  • You're frustrated that you aren't seeing results in your business

  • You know you're here for a purpose, but you feel a little stuck

  • You struggle with imposter syndrome and comparison

  • May be a multi-potentialite (you're good at many things)

  • Feel like you're spinning your wheels and aren't getting traction in your business

Is The League of Badass Entrepreneurs for you?

If you...

  • Are an "experiencer"... you aren't afraid to try things and in fact, thrive on it. The more adventure, the better
  • You've always taken action, even if you were a little afraid
  • Know what you want in life, but find yourself stuck and repeating patterns
  • Are easily distracted
  • Are an entrepreneur, but sometimes fall back into overwhelm and feeling stuck

And want to...

  • Heal your old wounds, hurts and traumas without hardening your heart
  • Get clarity and focus so you can re-ignite your life and business
  • Stay consistent with your wellness so you get results
  • Tap into your Divine wisdom
  • Do the work to heal your wounds and triggers
  • Take quantum leaps in your business

You were not meant to struggle, babe. You CAN create the life and business you want. You CAN see success. You CAN find alignment and be on purpose.

Use the Mind & Body CODE to go from Hopeful Entrepreneur to Badass Entrepreneur.

$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)



I felt trapped in my life. I was restless, upset and wanted more in my life. Terry's program encourages you to not watch your life pass you by so you don't live with regrets. Since working with Terry, I've now made moves to further my education, can see real progress and am finally unstuck!

Jenell K.

I've developed a system I call the Mind & Body C.O.D.E that inspired The League of Badass Women, where I will be your coach to help you...

  • C - Clear out the gunk - this element clears the blocks that have been keeping you stuck so you can create what you want
  • O - Optimize your powerful mind - your subconscious runs the show, and this element helps you become the woman you need to be to create a business you love
  • D - Divinely-inspired action leads to success, and this element helps you effortlessly do it without feeling like you have more on your plate
  • E - Excellent care of your physical body through movement and wellness helps you become a clear channel for your Divine inspiration.

If you're like a lot of entrepreneurs, you no doubt spend a lot more than $27/month on strategies and tactics that don't work. And maybe you even spend money on things that don't move you forward in your business.

Isn't it more important to invest the small amount on rewiring your entire mind and body so that you can become the woman you need to be in order to drive your soul-aligned business?

Being an empath left me struggling with anxiety. Working with Terry helped me feel like I got my life back and I finally feel at peace. I use the techniques Terry gave me and I now feel powerful - like I can take any challenge thrown at me!

Stephanie E.

I'm genuinely happy for the first time in my life.  I spent my first 38 years living small and now I've developed a confidence I never thought possible.  Terry helped put a little badass in me and I will be eternally grateful!

Nikki G.

Who Am I?

Hi. I'm Terry Sobon and I'm a Mind & Body Coach, intuitive, mystic and healer who activates women into their badassery by rewiring their body/mind through science and a little "woo" so they can get out of their own way and create a life they're excited about.

I've made it my mission to study and understand how the body and mind work together and my journey has led me to becoming certified in body/mind healing modalities including life coaching, reiki, health coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, yoga, fitness and more.

I created The League of Badass Entrepreneurs because I know what it's like to be frustrated chasing the next new strategy and tactic to help my business grow. It wasn't until I finally aligned with who I am, cleared out my old programs and embraced my gifts that my business finally started coming together.

Inside The League of Badass Entrepreneurs, you'll be a Founding Member helping to decide the direction of what you need inside, and every month is a new theme designed to help you along your Path to Badassery.

The content can vary depending on the Founding Members input and the monthly theme, but here's what's on the table:

  • A Business Badass requires being centered, mindful and relaxed. You'll get wellness practices to help ensure your body is taken care of through movement such as intentional yoga, play, painting, crafting, group walks and more

✔️ VALUE: $97

  • Your badassery lessons will be delivered via 2-4 audio or video lessons specific to the month's theme

✔️ VALUE: $397

  • Guest teachers and speakers to lead lessons, playtime, coaching and more

✔️ VALUE: $197

  • Badassery requires intention and alignment. So you'll get guided meditation audios or videos, energy work, activations and hypnosis as needed because rewiring your mind and body will get results and manifest the life you want

✔️ VALUE: $297

  • Badass women need healing now and then, so in the middle of the month, you'll receive a group energy alignment, healing, attunement and/or activation

✔️ VALUE: $297


The total value of everything you get is well over $1300, but you get it for a limited time only for

$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)



Here's a sampling of the consideration for the monthly themes inside
The League of Badass Entrepreneurs:

  • Month 1

    Working With Energy

  • Month 2

    The Clearing Code for Success

  • Month 3

    Trello Planning for Success

  • Month 4

    Rewire Your Powerful Mind

  • Month 5

    Exercising Intuition

  • Month 6

    Creating Clarity

I'm no longer being held hostage by my fear of stepping out there! I've now got a plan and am making it happen!

Patti K.

In The League of Badass Entrepreneurs, you'll be using the 4 elements of my Mind & Body CODE that are designed to help you create an aligned soul business along your Path to Badassery

  • 1 - Rewire your mind & body with a little science and a little woo so you can dismantle limiting beliefs and blocks so you can act courageously
  • 2 - Create a clear channel for your vision by learning to receive and create so you can take intuitive, inspired action on your dreams
  • 3 - Look forward to self-care so your body is as healthy as possible. When you take care of your body, you're able to act courageously and with trust
  • 4 - Be consistent - you can't get BADASS results with HALF-ASS effort

$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)



Frequently Asked Questions

What does is mean to be a Founding Member? +

Being a Founding Member means a couple things - that the membership is looking for input from the members as to what it becomes and that because of this, you get in a the low price and as long as you remain a member, you'll get to stay at that price, no matter what the price is when the doors open again.

Can I cancel anytime? +

Yes! If you join the monthly membership, you can cancel anytime. If you join the yearly membership, you’re in for the year, and you cancel anytime before it renews for the next year. (sorry…due to the digital nature of this membership, there are no refunds.)

How often will you be opening the doors? +

The plan is to open the doors a couple times a year so that we can spend our efforts on our community, so now would be a good time to join as a Founding Member!

If I leave, do I get my rate back if I rejoin? +

As long as you stay a member in good standing, you get to keep the price you joined with. If you decide to cancel and rejoin later, you’ll join at whatever the current rate is.

Will the price increase when you officially open the doors? +

Because as time goes on and more valuable content is added to The League, the price will increase.

Will this take up too much time? +

I'm confident you'll find that The League helps you get MORE productive in the time you do work on your business.

As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. If you're like some entrepreneurs who aren't seeing success or getting the results they'd like, you might find that the less clarity you have, the more you spin and time goes by without any real productivity toward moving your business forward.

Terry's program helped me remove some blocks so that I became aware of what I manifested!

Nora S.

Who is The League of Badass Entrepreneurs For?

  • The Healer

    This is for you if you’re a healer. You’ll be right at home in this healing space.

  • The Entrepreneur

    This is for you whether you’re business is already going or if you’ve been thinking about it. You know your purpose, but feel stuck or overwhelmed.

  • The Side Hustler

    This is for you if you’ve been doing a side hustle, and wonder how you can turn it into a full business.

  • The Coach

    This is for you if you’re a coach and want to continue on your own healing journey so you can step into your role as a leader.

$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)



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Refund Policy:

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be issued.
If you purchase the yearly rate, you will be locked in for the year and will renew for another year unless you cancel.

Just imagine where you could be this time next year...

  • 1 - You could have the confidence that you can create an aligned business you love
  • 2 - You could feel on purpose, know your next steps and find success
  • 3 - You could be on track with your own energy, wellness and health that spills over into your business
  • 4 - You could have the life of freedom you want

NOW is the time to take action on aligning your badass business before the doors close and the price increases!

$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)



$27/month OR
$270/year (2 months FREE!)