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But I quickly wanted to show you something because you won't see this again...

What if you could look younger, hide those lines & creases, fix a drooping jawline and enhance the shape of your face like a pro?

Want to easily contour YOUR face shape so you can take YEARS off?

Want to make your jawline look less droopy, your cheekbones stand out, or your nose look slimmer?

Know it can change your entire look, but have no idea how to do it?

Looking for a tutorial that works for you and your age?

You're probably spending hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials by young girls that aren't helpful for us over 50 women.

It's not your fault!

Our face is no longer a blank canvas and maybe you never even knew how to do it back in the day!

Contouring so you look younger doesn't have to be scary. (If you know how to do it)

You're about to uncover just how easy it is to hide those drooping jowls, sagging jawline, bring out your cheekbones, sculpt your nose, chin and forehead so you can turn back the clock.

You can literally do this even if you've never gotten the hang of contouring.

Think about how amazing you'll feel when you can finally complete your youthful look and glow with confidence.

What do I know about contouring?

My name is Terry Sobon and not only do I help women create a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, but I've also been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Since I was a little girl, I've had a natural talent for seeing light and shadow and understanding how to use it to create whatever look I want.

This tutorial is just like having me right there with you doing your makeup.

Get an easy tutorial you can follow

Look Younger With Contouring For YOUR Face is an easy-to-follow tutorial that will:

  • Show you what you need to know to look younger and contour YOUR face shape, nose and lines & creases
  • Give you direct links to the contouring products I use and recommend
  • Show you what to contour and what to highlight

Here's what you get

Look Younger with Contouring For YOUR Face is a 3-part video tutorial (48 minutes and 23 seconds total, to be exact) that breaks down into:

1. Your whole face
2. Your nose
3. Hide lines, creases and shadows

And it includes text with links to the products I use and recommend. You'll be able to follow along step-by-step as I show you how to contour.

Here's a peek of what you'll learn inside:

What's my investment?

Normally Look Younger With Contouring For YOUR Face is easily worth $67, but because you just joined the 2nd Half Beauty family, you get access for just $7.

You read that correctly...

The entire tutorial is yours for just $7

It's my way of saying thanks for becoming a subscriber.


Let's be honest. Learning how to apply makeup to make your face look younger takes skill and time.

No need to waste your time watching tutorials by young girls who don't have lines, creases and jowls to contend with.

Take this opportunity to learn from my years of experience. In less than one hour.

But remember, this is only available for new subscribers, so don't wait.

Get Look Younger WIth Contouring For YOUR Face for just $7.


You can spend all your time watching tutorials by young girls that don't help you with your particular face and age.

Or you can get Look Younger With Contouring For YOUR Face and feel confident in your new contouring abilities.

P.S. As a new subscriber you get the Look Younger With Contouring For YOUR Face tutorial for just $7 and learn a new skill that will have you contouring like a pro


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