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In this interview series, mindset experts and rockstar hairstylists share:

  • What's working NOW in marketing yourself
  • How to GET OUT of the HUSTLE and GRIND and do what feels good
  • How to switch your mindset so you fall in love with your work again
  • What you should be doing to GET MORE CLIENTS consistently & with ease
  • How to set yourself up for success with automated systems
  • And so much more!

Meet Your Experts:

Terry Sobon - Hairstylist, Success & Mindset Coach

How to Rewire Your Mind For Success in Life & Business

CheyAnne Curtis - Salon Owner, Empath Lightworker

Protecting Your Energy & Clearing Your Energetic Space

Bob Doyle - Featured Expert from "The Secret"

How the Law of Attraction Works For You

Stacy Monroe - Salon Industry Coach & Salon Owner

The Mindset & Strategies of a 6-Figure Hairstylist

J Christian - Master Hairstylist & Educator

How to Handle Setbacks in Your Business

Reinaldo Figueroa - Marketing Strategist & Automation

The Easy Way to Rebook Clients & Grow Your Business

Dawn Bradley - Hairstylist, Educator, Podcaster

The Importance of Setting Boundaries & Proper Communication

Breanna Eargle - Hairstylist, Social Media Coach

Grow Your Ideal Clientele with Social Media

Meet Your Host

Terry Sobon is a long-time hairstylist, educator and makeup artist, and the founder of The Badass Life Academy. She's a mindset and wellness coach who uses her background as a holistic health coach, yoga teacher, fitness professional and hypnotherapist to empower beauty professionals to master their mindset and take control of their lives and so they can create a life they love and a business they're proud of.