CheyAnne Curtis

Meet CheyAnne - Mother, Light Worker, Ritual Creator, Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive Healer, Salon Owner CheyAnne is an empath, healer and channel of love and light. She’s also a salon owner with 16 years of experience creating hair art.

She began her awakening journey nearly a decade ago, when she was introduced to Energy healing. She began visiting old belief patterns that were created during childhood, and began uncovering her core belief system. This sparked a new level of self awareness, allowing her to be more mindful and heal unwanted patterns. Her reality started to transform, and she began attracting more light workers into her life.

With each beautiful soul that blessed her life, she was able to reach new levels of awareness and ways of healing, expanding her awakening into sharing a light of her own. This all brought her to her greatest passion and purpose: being a channel of love and light for like minded souls.

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