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I'm super excited to have each and every one of you here bringing your inspirational messages to entrepreneurs helping them fearlessly live their lives and uplevel their businesses! Thank you for joining your fellow speakers and me in sharing this transformational event with your communities during the promotional period starting April 10th. Bookmark this page for easy access to your social media images and swipes, solo email swipes and newsletter swipes.

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There will also be an extended replay May 5-7

April 24
Dr. Steve G. Jones
Karen Curry Parker

April 28
Tyna Moore
Shakaya Leone

April 25
Loren Fogelman
Lisa Marie Pepe

April 29
Marley Majcher
Lisa Goldenthal

May 2
Devorah Spilman
Tina Christie

April 26
Heidi Easley
Meagan Ruppert

April 30
Sorinne Ardeleanu
Vanessa Kromer

May 3
Elena Forbes
Do-Over Reel

April 27
Nikol Peterman
Karena Virginia

May 1
Barbera Aimes
Ruba Zanaid

May 5-7
All Interviews Open!

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Barbera Aimes - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=barbera

Karen Parker - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=Kparker65

Vanessa Kromer - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=vkromer

Dr. Steve G. Jones - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=stevegjones

Meagan Ruppert - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=meaganruppert

Shakaya Leone - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=11LoveGoddess22

Karena Virginia - http://thebadasslifeacademy.com/karena

Lisa Marie Pepe - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=lisamariepepe

Sorinne Ardeleanu - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=Sorrine

Marley Majcher - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=TheProfitGoddess

Elena Forbes - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=ejforbes

Nikol Peterman - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=ZenRedNYC

Loren Fogelman - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=lfogelman

Tina Christie - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=tinacmc

Ruba Zanaid - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=healthylivingwithruba

Heidi Easley - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=Heidieasley

Devorah Spilman - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=devorahspilman

Lisa Goldenthal - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=lisagfit

Tyna Moore - http://fearlesslifemasterclass.com/?ap_id=drtyna


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Important suggestion: Your story and connection to the content of the event (in the very beginning of the email) will make this much more interesting. Consider telling your readers why this subject is so near and dear to your heart. Feel free to modify the introduction to reflect your direct experience and feelings but please also check that your words flow smoothly into the rest of the copy by reading it through after your edits. I'm sure your community knows your voice and appreciates your unique style. I do suggest addressing their first name after "Hi!" and possibly in one more instance in the email, personalizing their experience. Please retain the formatting, bolds and underlines – thank you!

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Devorah Spilman: 4/12 & 4/14
Tina Christie: 4/19 & 4/24
Barbera Aimes: 4/10 & 4/23
Tyna Moore: 4/11 & 4/18
Elena Forbes: 4/20 & 4/23
Heidi Easley: 4/11 & 4/17
Karen Parker: 4/16 & 4/19
Karena Virginia: 4/20 & 4/20
Lisa Goldenthal: 4/14 & 4/15

Lisa Marie Pepe: 4/11 & 4/18
Loren Fogelman: 4/10 & 4/14
Marley Majcher: 4/10 & 4/18
Meagan Ruppert: 4/10 & 4/20
Nikol Peterman: 4/14 & 4/17
Ruba Zanaid: 4/14 & 4/21
Shakaya Leone: 4/19 & ?
Sorinne Ardeleanu: 4/10 & 4/17
Dr. Steve G. Jones: 4/11 & 4/21
Vanessa Kromer: 4/11 & 4/18

Email Option #1 

SUBJECT: What are you doing later?

I was wondering what you're doing later because I wanted to be sure you know about this not-to-be-missed event where you’ll learn all the expert secrets to moving past your fears and into a thriving, passion-fueled life and/or business.

Let me explain.

Terry Sobon - coach and teacher also known as the Excuses Excavator asked me to speak on her online event, The Fearless Life Masterclasses where you’ll learn everything you need to know to transform where you are now into where you want to be without the stress, overwhelm and stories that may have stopped you before.

And because this won’t be around forever, I want you to be my guest today at absolutely no cost! It’s my special gift for you.

Every masterclass in this series is packed with information to help you move from being stuck in transition and into a powerful and fulfilled life or business. You’ll learn from myself and other experts:

  • To conquer your fears and step into a life of joy, purpose and significance
  • Tried-and-true methods for finally ditching your excuses
  • Tips to go from overwhelmed to entrepreneur if you’ve been aspiring to start your business
  • Actionable steps you can take to create the life you’ve been dreaming of all this time
  • The secrets to wealth creation
  • And much, much more!

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Email Option #2

SUBJECT: About what you’ll see later

I’m giving you a heads up because this won’t be around forever and I don’t want you to miss out. But…

Imagine sitting in a room of 20 experts, mentors, coaches and teachers and learning their strategies for success in creating wealth, optimum health, 6 and 7 figure businesses and a life that you can’t wait to get out of bed every morning for!

Even though it seems impossible sometimes to create a life you love or a business you’ve been dreaming about, or to overcome the obstacles to creating wealth, it’s absolutely do-able.

You just need some inspiration, clarity and confidence.

And TODAY is your day!

Terry Sobon – coach & teacher also known as The Excuses Excavator - asked me to speak on her online event The Fearless Life Masterclasses and I get to invite you!

It’s a completely free event where I and a panel of experts give you tips and action items to step through your fears, out of overwhelm and into your power so you can leave your mark in life and business.

And it won’t cost you a penny!

>>> CLICK HERE <<< [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK] right now to register for this epic event before it’s too late. When you register, you’ll gain access to experts who share their inspiring stories and give you new mindset tactics, health and wellness tips, business strategies and spiritual inspiration to help you create a life or business you love.

Take action today because this event won’t be around for long. Success leaves clues and this is your opportunity to access it at no cost.

See you soon![SIGN OFF]

Social Media Copy

There's nothing better than the freedom that comes from making powerful choices, right?

You've got to create a life you can't wait to get out of bed for every. single. day.

Why wait? Why put off the things you want to do and accomplish for "someday"? Have you ever noticed "someday" never arrives?

You may not be okay with living a life of mediocrity, and if you're here, you aren't. If you've been doing the "things" you were supposed to do - taking care of your family, working and putting off life for a while, then...

Guess what - it's YOUR TURN.

Join me and 20 other experts on this event.

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Devorah Spilman

Lisa Goldenthal

Tina Christie

Ruba Zanaid

March 24, 2017

Dr Steve G. Jones

Loren Fogelman

Vanessa Kromer

Marley Majcher

Heidi Easley

Meagan Ruppert

Sorinne Ardeleanu

Elena Forbes

Karen Parker

Nikol Peterman

Barbera Aimes

Lisa Marie Pepe

Karena Virginia

Shakaya Leone

Tyna Moore