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Sorinne Ardeleanu

Sorinne Ardeleanu is an author, success coach, reprogramming expert, and serial entrepreneur. She has a degree in psychology and is a partner in the revival of a speakeasy club from the 1920s. Sorinne was also involved in opening an art gallery and art hotel in, all in San Francisco. She has worked as an executive and life coach for over a decade now. She has also been a top sales person and manager in the exotic car world (Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Tesla, & Spyker), selling as much as $10 million a year. Sorinne has been studying quantum and meta physics, as well as neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, and epigenetics for the majority of the past decade. She has been studying theology for the past 3 decades. Sorinne believes her purpose in life is to be, give, and receive unconditional love. Her greatest vision is to improve the quality of life for all life, and she is making daily efforts to bring that vision into reality, including participating in this summit.

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