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3~The Morning drink that can detoxify your body, Energizes you and helps you lose weight.
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Ruba Zanaid

Ruba is a health and lifestyle coach on a mission to help women get the body they want, step into their dream shape and never settle with less than that.
She focuses on helping women lose weight, skyrocket their energy, boost their confidence and shine their inner and outer beauty so at the end of the day they feel in full control of their lives.
She is using the same principles and strategies that she used in her own journey to transform her own weight, body and life as she experienced like many other women the game of gaining and trying to lose the weight for many years. She knows first-hand how carrying extra weight can tremendously affect so many aspects of your life, not only your health and the way you look but it extends far beyond to your relationships, work, kids and the quality of your life in general.
She is the creator of Healthy Living with Ruba and has been coaching and mentoring women globally since 2010.

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