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Three Hour Deep Soul Story Intensive
First hour:
What story are you telling yourself and how is it keeping you stuck?
We will be unblocking those old locked stories!

Second hour:
Telling a New story. We will be going deep to find and interpret new stories.

Third hour:
Living your purpose with clarity and focus.
We will do the work to pull out the messages from all the stories
and integrate them into vision, purpose and stories you can tell.

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Devorah Spilman

Devorah Spilman has been a master storyteller for over 30 years. Today she helps writers and entrepreneurs to find the clarity and confidence to tell their deep, authentic story to sell, inspire and transform. Her “In Story Group” takes people on a journey to find and manifest their soul’s calling and bring their story, mission and message out into the world. Devorah has clients all over the world writing books and building businesses based on the deep work that accesses the inner story and the power to integrate and use all parts of ourselves. Learn more at

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