Virtual Summits are hands-down the most effective way to grow and scale your business so you can reach more people, attract new leads and make more sales!

Hurry! This comes down:


Virtual Summits effectively deliver a targeted audience who want exactly what you have to offer with a quick turnaround and results. No more struggling to find clients and customers.

  • Build a massive email list of hungry buyers in 90 days
  • Learn the strategies that result in sales
  • Quickly create a sustainable business you LOVE

What's happening inside Freedom Authority Rockstar
6 Month Live Group Program

Program starts August 3rd, 2017

This program will NOT launch again this year!

Getting started with your virtual summit is as easy as looking over my shoulder!

Why you can no longer afford to wait to start or grow your audience and therefore your business...

  • You've put off starting your business long enough
  • You're already an online entrepreneur, but you're tired of struggling to find paying clients or customers
  • You need a return on your investment in a few months...not years

"How much does Freedom Authority Rockstar cost?"

The mistake a lot of people make is that they think they can figure out how to attract customers and clients on their own. And yet when they put their goods or services out there, it's met with crickets. What they don't take into account is that looking for free information on the internet and trying to piece it all together is the slow, slow, slow (if it ever even happens) route.

Or worse...

They never even start at all.

If you're like me (and I was both of the above) and want the shortcut, fast and easy way to get customers and clients to come to YOU, then 6 months from now, your life and business will be completely different, because I'm offering you the chance to jump-start your success by joining Freedom Authority Rockstar with 6 payments of $327. Or pay in full and save $165!

I'm so committed to your success...

That if you don't build your targeted list by the time you're through, we'll get together on the phone and figure out how to make it happen.

This bonus offer ends this Friday, so join now and you also get...

  • Toolbox: Worksheets, Templates, Forms & More - $797 Value

    You’ll get access to all the worksheets, forms, email templates and much more that will save you tons of time. Copy and paste! Be able to see what needs to be followed up on, what’s been done, what needs to be done and more.

  • Tech Toolbox: Fear No Tech - $1697 Value

    The Tech Toolbox includes templates, tools and videos as well as watch-over-my-shoulder instructions to master the tech side of running a virtual summit so you won’t feel lost or frustrated.

  • Bust Your Blocks Workshop - $197 Value

    Videos: identify your blocks & what to do about the, Guided visualization audio, Excavation questions worksheet to help you bust through your blocks and limiting beliefs as you build your business

  • Money Mindset Package & Productivity Hacks - $797 Value

    Interviews with money experts, Secrets of Success masterclass, Productivity hacks, Money making ideas & exercises so you can stay on top of your mindset around money as you build your business. Includes tools from experts to break through money blocks as well as my productivity hacks that I use daily to stay on track and a list of money-making ideas with exercises to increase your creativity flow around money.

  • Business Insider's Package - $797 Value

    5 powerful interviews with expert entrepreneurs with actionable items for your business. PLUS free gifts and tools from these experts that you can use in your business:

    Nail your pricing in 7 easy steps, The Freedom Builder’s toolkit, Grow your ideal business, A soul story intensive so you can explore your own story, The power of passion to help you uncover what you’re called to do.

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About Terry Sobon

Terry Sobon is the founder of The Badass Life Academy & Business Academy and the creator of the Fearless Life Masterclasses. Also known as the Excuses Excavator, she is a coach and teacher empowering women and men who find themselves in various stages of transition, giving them the tools to holistically take control of their lives and take responsibility for the creation of their dreams so they can enjoy the outcome of their soul-inspired vision.

Terry has studied under several mentors and coaches and has spent many years of doing the work of moving past fear, blocks and excuses and has bootstrapped businesses in both the digital and physical space.

In addition to several years of personal, spiritual and metaphysical development, she loves all things beauty and wellness and uses her background in these combined modalities so women (and men!) can experience success and confidence whatever stage of life they're in.

Terry is a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher, certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified hypnotherapist.