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Stop letting your stories and excuses run your life. Haven’t you put off your fulfilling life or starting your business long enough?

It’s not because you can’t do it, it’s because you haven’t gotten to the root of what stops you every time.


Wake up every single day ready to hit the ground running because you love your life that much. Every day is an exciting adventure because you are willing to pursue your dream.


  • What if I go down one path, and it turns out to be the wrong one?
  • I have no idea where to start.
  • I love what I do for a hobby, but what if it becomes more like work?
  • I have too much to do already.
  • I have family responsibilities and the impact on them would be too much.
  • I don’t have enough confidence in my abilities.
  • I have too many obligations - family, work, kids, parents.
  • I don’t even know what I want to do. I just know I want to do something.
  • I’m too scared.
  • I'm afraid of change.
  • It seems like too big a goal.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about starting a business, making big life changes, transitioning careers, just trying to find your "happy" or just feel like you need to find what lights you up and makes you feel alive, but have been lost in the daily grind of just getting by.

Check out the results they had...

Patty Kitchen

Before joining Terry’s program I was stuck from fear of putting myself out there in the healing world. I was FROZEN in the fear. Am I good enough, will I be safe, will people like me?

Since joining Terry’s Excuses Exavator program, I am no longer being held hostage by my fear of stepping out there. Terry’s energizing, badass encouragement and no-excuses, get-to-the-real-reason-I’m stuck exercises helped me get out of my own way and has propelled me to higher levels of motivation and goals far exceeding what I dreamed of doing before joining the program.  I now have a plan in writing to get all the details of my business up and running, with daily, weekly, monthly and five year plan. I have launched! I am so proud to be one of Terry’s badass babes!

Patty Kitchen

Julie Kubiak

Before Terry’s program, I was struggling to get motivated. I was using excuses such as “divine timing” and “planet alignment” to put off doing what I needed to do. If these things are out of my control, how could I progress!

I started this program with the idea of wanting to get my business recognized, as well as myself and my business partner. By the end of Module 3 my business was commissioned to do a series of videos AND the BBC were in touch wanting to interview us!!! Before this course I wouldn’t have dreamed I could have had a successful business AND be approaching people to work for us!


Julie Kubiak

Before joining Terry's program, I was in a deep rut, in a soul sucking job, racing around, exhausted and not enjoying ANY part of my life. I knew I needed to change, but I didn't know where to start and I was struggling to just get through the day.

I thought I was too tired and didn't have time to do one more thing to change my existence.

Now, I wake up feeling refreshed and have the energy to tackle projects and finish them. I'm happier and have more energy than I've had in years! I've retired from a job I could no longer tolerate and I'm no longer overwhelmed or frozen in fear!

I STRONGLY encourage you to do this program to break out of your rut and set yourself free.

Jennie Miller


Don’t let your challenges (excuses) stop you again. This time, it can be different because this program is designed to give you the tools to identify what’s important to you so you can break through your self-imposed limits, fears and blocks and then take action on your dream.


  • You’ve put off your life for far too long, and you find yourself using the same old story as to why you can’t do what you should do. This program will help you identify your blocks, you’ll know exactly when you're up against them and you'll have the tools to move through them in an instant.
  • You’ve been wanting to start a business, but never really do it. You'll identify what’s most important to you, so you’ll know what you should be doing to move toward it.
  • You want to have financial freedom, but feel stuck and believe you have to have money to make money. You’ll identify your blocks so you can move through them with ease.
  • You want to feel fulfilled, happy and confident. You’ll learn how to powerfully call in your dreams and vision for your life, and with each success, develop the confidence you need to create a snowball effect.
  • You lack direction, are easily distracted, and just don’t know what you should do. This program gives you the tools to get focused, clear and overcome your fear of taking action on your dream life or business.
  • You feel stuck, powerless and in survival mode. You’ll get tools to finally face down your fears and move through them with ease and come out feeling like you have choices.
  • You want to ditch your old excuses, self-limiting beliefs and lack of confidence in yourself so you can be a powerful, decision-making, action-taking, fearless experiencer once and for all.
  • You feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do and believe there’s no time for you. You’ll learn how to get out of overwhelm, become a confident problem-solver and make easy-to-integrate lifestyle choices that enhance your success.


  • Weekly Modules & Lessons

    Each week, you’ll receive an email for your new module comprised of video slideshow lessons and supplemental materials such as printouts and audio

  • Live Coaching Q&A Calls

    You’ll have 2 live group coaching Q&A calls PLUS bonus live lessons and/or Q&A. Bring your challenges and questions

  • Community Support

    Private Facebook community for support and accountability

PLUS Get These Bonuses...

When you purchase the Excuses Excavator Program before Tuesday 11:59 pm EST

  • Clarity & Focus for Fulfillment and Money Freedom - $97 value

    You’ll get complete access to the entire Clarity & Focus training, recordings and a PDFof all the emails – digitally delivered so you have forever access to it. All the powerful training in one place!

  • Manifesting Mindset Masterclass - $97 Value

    Get my Manifesting Mindset masterclass where you will learn how to create space in your life for success by excavating the rocks that keep you weighed down. PLUS learn how to…

    *Recognize the self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.
    *Stay out of overwhelm so you can stay on track in your personal life or business.
    *Align with your purpose without sacrificing your other responsibilities.
    *Discover the practices to create success in your business, personal or spiritual life.

  • Balance Your Power Chakra Training - $97 Value

    You’ll get my Balance Your Power Chakra training, where you’ll learn how to balance and activate your solar-plexus – or “power chakra” – so you can access this powerful center whenever you need it. This 5-day training is made up of simple – yet highly effective exercises to help you confidently radiate and vibrate at your highest frequency.

STOP putting off your life. This program will help you identify and remove the excuses and blocks that keep you from taking action and then you lay out a real, easy-to-implement plan you can scale up, rinse and repeat for success.

And once you get at the root of your excuses, you won't need to keep spending money on programs that don't work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I have to want to start a business for this program to work?

    Not at all. This program is for those who keep coming up against all kinds of blocks and find that they don’t take action.

  • q-iconHow long will this take to complete?

    There are 5 modules – one released every week and because this is a self-study program, you can go at your own pace. Each module has several lessons that total about an hour plus supplemental audio and videos. These lessons are powerful and effective.

  • q-iconWhat happens if I can’t complete the program right away?

    No worries. You have lifetime access to the program including all updates! You can go back and revisit any module or lesson you like anytime.

  • q-iconHow is this program delivered?

    This is an online program on a very simple to use website. You’ll receive a weekly email with its corresponding module, and you’ll always have access.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m not very tech savvy?

    No worries! You don’t have to be! And you can always email support.

About Terry Sobon

Terry Sobon is the founder of The Badass Life Academy & Business Academy and the creator of the Fearless Life Masterclasses. Also known as the Excuses Excavator, she is a coach and teacher empowering women and men who find themselves in various stages of transition, giving them the tools to holistically take control of their lives and take responsibility for the creation of their dreams so they can enjoy the outcome of their soul-inspired vision.

Terry has studied under several mentors and coaches and has spent many years of doing the work of moving past fear, blocks and excuses and has bootstrapped businesses in both the digital and physical space.

In addition to several years of personal and spiritual and metaphysical development, she loves all things beauty and wellness and uses her background in these combined modalities so women (and men!) can experience success and confidence whatever stage of life they're in.

Terry is a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher , certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified hypnotherapist.

Terry's program has impacted my life without a doubt. Living with almost constant anxiety felt as if my life-force was drained. When I start to feel anxiety now I use the techniques that Terry gave me and it helps immensely.

Stephanie Elder

You are an inspiration to all the women who need to find their "happy"!

Karen C.