Wellness, Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching

I joined Terry’s program to get out of the rut I had been in. I’m transitioning into retirement and I realize I’ve been living in fear and contracting instead of letting go and expanding. I now start my days peacefully. My stress levels have dramatically decreased and I no longer rush to get out of the house in the mornings. Thank you, Terry, for giving me a path to follow as I go forward. Small changes make room for new opportunities.

- Jennie Miller

Working with Terry has greatly impacted my life. Before working with her, my anxiety kept me from living my life completely. I wanted to live my life peacefully. Living with almost constant anxiety felt as if my life-force was drained. Now I feel at peace and like I've won at life! Being at peace in my heart and head is the best win ever!

- Stephanie Elder

Before working with Terry, I lacked focus, was very disorganized and overwhelmed to some degree. I now have discipline, an action plan and am MUCH more focused. When I do lose focus, I now have the tools to get back on track.  I have a daily action plan and I get more accomplished.  There’s no magic to it.  It’s just a new state of mind. Shortly after working with Terry, I closed the biggest deal of my life (and I’m almost 60 years old)!  It’s going to pay me a 6-figure commission and I am very fired up! Don’t let the money be your excuse! This was a great investment for me!

- Paul Abramson

Before working with Terry, I was stuck from fear of putting myself out there in the healing world. I was FROZEN in the fear. Am I good enough, will I be safe, will people like me? Since working with Terry, I'm no longer being held hostage by my fear of stepping out there. Terry’s energizing, badass encouragement and no-excuses, get-to-the-real-reason-I’m stuck exercises helped me get out of my own way and has propelled me to higher levels of motivation and goals far exceeding what I dreamed of doing before joining the program.  I now have a plan in writing to get all the details of my business up and running, with daily, weekly, monthly and five year plan. I have launched! I am so proud to be one of Terry’s badass babes!

- Patty Kitchen

Terry makes it look so easy and that is because she knows how to take you step by step in the direction of getting it! I am clueless when it comes to technology and not knowing how to ask for help was taking me down a rabbit hole. Learning how to figure out putting together a webinar from Terry's comprehensive educational video was just what I was looking for.

- Estela Jebril

Business Coaching

Terry is an incredible teacher for online entrepreneurs. When I first started building my online business I got stressed out by tech but couldn`t afford to pay someone to do everything for me. Terry showed me how to get a webinar all set up and even showed me how to set up the interview pages for my summit and opt-in pages. She's patient, thorough and a whiz with technology. She takes her time explaining what you need to know to get the job done and get it done well. If you`re looking for someone to teach you as you start your online business, you won`t find a better teacher than Terry Sobon.

- Tina Christie

Terry is amazingly talented and savvy in helping others using technology in their business. She had provided a group of us with a detailed, step by step tutorial on how to set up a webinar. We came away with a clear understanding of the detailed steps we needed to take. Thank you Terry for making it easy to complete my project using the tech platform I needed.

- Ruba Zanaid

Terry is amazing and powerful, a true blessing!" Terry has always made it very easy for me to navigate the tech.

- Sheldon Pizzinat