WooHoo! Your Super Simple Canva Free Training link is below. But first...

CREATE BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS IN CANVA! Even if you're not the "techy" type!

Do you want to master creating stunning graphics with Canva?

Do you need to create graphics for social media or for your website, but think you can't because it's too complicated?

What if I told you I'll hold your hand and take you step by step to creating your first beautiful graphic and that it's EASY! Don't worry if you think you're not "techy" enough. You don't need to be techy with me guiding you.


Making graphics is super simple in Canva!


Unlike back in the day where you had to learn Photoshop yourself or hire a designer, these days, we're fortunate to have tools like Canva to create super easy graphics.

I want to show you in the Super Simple Canva Video Full Tutorial that you can produce beautiful graphics yourself.


In the full version, you'll learn how to do these cool things:

  • You'll learn to manipulate a text block to fit where you need it
  • You'll be able to put a picture seamlessly into a frame for fun special EFX
  • You'll learn to apply filters to your images
  • And more!


The full training is 25 minutes and in that time, you'll be able to create your own amazing graphics to put on your website. I'll walk you step-by-step from start to finish, as if you're looking over my shoulder.



Normally this Super Simple Canva Training sells for $37, but because you're awesome and are a part of the Badass Community, you'll get it for just $7.


The entire Super Simple Canva Training video for $7


I mean, c'mon. Learning something new takes time. But I've taught myself how to do most techy things back in the day when it really was more challenging. Nowadays, you just need someone to show you the way.

What would be easier?

You can keep on letting your social media and website be filled with ugly graphics or graphics you grabbed off the internet somewhere...


You can do it the easy way and let me show you how it's done in Canva.

YES! I want the Super Simple Full Canva Training Video for $7!

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