Dear woman,

I'm about to show you the art of living a "charmed life". It's not hard, it's not magic and it's not time-consuming.

But what you'll get out of learning these secrets is the ability to attract exactly what you want into your life without stress, worry or fear.

Not only will you learn the practices I use but that my clients also use to get results. You'll then receive exercises at the end that will help you manifest what it is you want in life.

And when you know these secrets, people will wonder what's so different about you.


Beauty, Bliss & Manifestation
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How to:  Tap Into Your Intuition, Harness Your Power and Use Self Care to Your Advantage So You Can Relax, Manage Stress and Manifest a Life You Love

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Clip from Module 6...

Beauty, Bliss & Manifestation

I know what it feels like to have too many things on your plate or to feel overwhelmed and have no idea how to move forward, but knowing SOMETHING has to change.

I know what it feels like to wake up one day and realize that you're suddenly older and wonder what the hell happened...

I know because I was there. I thought there had to be MORE TO LIFE and set about making my life exactly as I wanted it.

I know that somewhere along the way of taking care of your family, your career or just getting through your day, you forgot to take care of the most important person - YOU.

And suddenly you've found yourself in a place in your life where things HAVE to change. There's no other choice. But where to begin?


This program has everything you need to lead you to the ultimate outcome - learning to tap into the intuitive, creative processes that allow you to manifest the life you want and deserve.


This program will dramatically change your life if you do the suggested work.  It will crack your life wide open and encourage rapid growth you won't believe is possible.

Jennie Miller

Here's a glimpse of what you'll get...

  • MODULE 1: ELIMINATE STRESS - How to eliminate the stress that makes you look and feel years older than you are. It also keeps you stuck and in overwhelm.
  • MODULE 2: MORNING RITUALS - How you do anything is how you do everything! You get easy-to-implement practices for your mornings  (without really thinking about it!) that help you achieve results in reaching your goals staying peaceful, centered and in control.
  • MODULE 3: SELF-CARE PERMISSION & PRACTICES- Fun, easy self-care rituals that contribute to your well-being, self-love and beauty so you feel fulfilled - making it easy to ATTRACT what you need.
  • MODULE 4: NIGHTTIME RITUALS FOR BEAUTY SLEEP - The secret rituals I use to help me focus, find bliss and drift off to a great night of beauty sleep. You'll wake up refreshed and energized, ready to take on the world & manifest your desires like the goddess you are.
  • MODULE 5: SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS & IDENTIFYING BLOCKS - Finally accomplish your dreams - Remove the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns. Feel light, free and finally blissful.
  • MODULE 6: CREATION & MANIFESTATION - Learn the secrets to creating and maintaining the peak energetic state that enables you to EASILY AND QUICKLY MANIFEST what you desire (hint - it's really as easy as snapping your fingers!) Even something as simple as needing a parking spot - I'll show you how you can do it!


YOU'LL GET SUPPLEMENTAL TOOLS: Guided meditations, tapping to remove blocks, guided alpha state receptivity for manifesting, bonus interview with Dr. Carolyn Dean

Terry's program has impacted my life without a doubt. Living with almost constant anxiety felt as if my life-force was drained. When I start to feel anxiety now I use the techniques that Terry gave me and it helps immensely.

Stephanie Elder

YES!!! I want in!

Because this is a digital program, there are no refunds. While I can't promise the same results for you as my testimonials, I'm confident (see what I did there?) you'll reap the benefits of mindful application to your development. I created this program to help you with that.

yes let me in

I have been so stuck and used to living day by day without truly thinking about my purpose and potential to be more and live fully.  During my coaching sessions the exercises made me focus on mindfulness as well as finding my purpose and the values I want to live each day.

Danielle C.

You are an inspiration to all the women who need to find their "happy"!

Karen C.